What is the I Choose To Pass Movement?


It all started when...

I gave my body back to Christ on March 13,2012 after living a promiscuous lifestyle. Two months before, I rededicated my life back to Christ after being miserable, unhappy, angry, depressed, and unsatisfied. I was tired of living this way, and I knew God was calling me back to Him.

On March 13,2012 I attended a purity event in the city of Goldsboro, North Carolina where I lived at the time. That night, they had us sign purity commitment cards, and at that was when the journey of abstinence began. I had no idea that I'd be signing that card, and making such a commitment, but God knew. 

After 3 years of heavily pursuing purity through abstinence on March 14, 2015, The I Choose To Pass Purity Celebration was birthed. I wanted to do something different. I wanted a creative, fun way to promote, encourage, & celebrate purity. I wanted it to be an impactful, transparent event where lives would be changed and souls saved. 

Out of the celebration, the I Choose To Pass Movement was birthed. It is a movement towards abstinence and purity. Interested in bringing the celebration to your city? Don't hesitate to contact me below!


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