Who is She?



I started to do the whole third person, proper thingy, but that’s weird because I’m actually typing the bio; so….first person it is.

The name on my birth certificate is Mary Katherine Vaughn.

I’ve lived on earth for two decades.

You can shower with me with presents on 10.25

I was born in Fort Wayne, IN. My life changed in NC, & I'm still growing in Mississippi. My testimony stems out of our move to NC. You can check out my blog posts to know more about that former life.

I love Jesus like CRAZY! He has given me an original story and I love to keep it all the way 100 when I share about what He did in my life – He truly changed me.

I am a people lover, and a very much extrovert.

I am the the FIRST PASSER of the I Choose To Pass Movement. A movement towards purity and abstinence. This movement began  after choosing to pass for 3 years. Click here for more info.

 This blog is to encourage you, make you laugh, and it gives you a personal entrance into my life. I don’t know how you got here, but you did, and I am glad :).

Professional Bio.

Mary Vaughn as known as SweetMaryKay a lifestyle blogger/vlogger of The SWEET Life Of MARYKAY, & the founder of the I Choose To Pass Movement, which is a movement towards abstinence and purity. She is an author & speaker , and a leader among her generation who has been ordained by God to share her story in which she believes will change the lives of those who hear it.